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40 Meter Rotatable Dipole

Our Yagi Antennas Are Precision hand made with the best Quality American Made Materials, Including 6061 Aluminum tube made here in the USA

40 Meter Rotatable Dipole                                   Antenna

VHQ's well known quality extends to this full band directional dipole for 40M. The heavy duty design with specially designed Hi Q coils prevent interference with a Hex Beam or Yagi mounted on the same tower.  All North American aircraft grade aluminum with stainless steel fittings.  Ships with easy assembly, nearly plug and play.  Proprietary design delivers proven 5K maximum performance, unmatched bandwidth, and low SWR.  Overall length is 49' 6'' .


HF Single Element Rotatable Dipole, 40 Meter Band


Element Material, North American Aircraft Grade Aluminum


All Stainless Steel Fittings


Heavy Duty High Q Coils designed to prevent interference with Yagi or Hex Beam on same tower


Power Rating    5k SSB


Length   15.09 meters  (49' 6")


Wind Area  3.6 sq ft


Weight   24.5 lbs


Feedpoint Impedance   50 ohms when adjusting the center hairpin/coil matching unit


Bandwidth  240 kHz  SWR< 1.5

                   350 kHz   SWR< 2.0


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