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The Last Hex You will ever Have To Buy.


No other Hex Beam Manufacturer Offers any type of Guarantee ! Ever wonder Why? The reason is they are all made with the cheapest off the shelf parts to keep the price low and the end result, All will eventually fail, could be a week, a month or a few years but they will, I know this from personal experience and that of many others in my circle of ham buddies.
This reason alone is why I designed a superior antenna in all aspects, Built with all CAD designed and CNC machined Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum parts (NOT CAST) In House and am willing to stand behind it to never fail with a Lifetime, Yes I said LIFETIME GUARANTEE 

Lifetime guarantee covers all machined parts from breakage and or factory defects. Spreader arms  are covered for 5 years as long as they are painted and installed correctly and or break from loss of integrity of center mast or any machined part.

 All antenna elements, Fasteners and cords are covered for 5 years.

Antenna must be correctly installed and does not cover damage due to abuse or tower or tower mast failure

30 Day money back guarantee, antenna must be in condition as Received, Subject to 20% restocking Fee

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