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Technical Information

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Hexbeams have amazing utility.  For a lightweight, easy to handle antenna, they cannot be beat.  The performance is well documented by Antenna Modeling Programs and experience.  We have had hexbeams for more than 10 years.  We know hexbeams, and here in New Hampshire we have had many failures.  At first we thought the arms just snapped from severe weather.  Upon careful examination, it became clear the the failure is NOT the arms.  The failure is in the centerpost which is secured to the mast plate with low strength hollow schedule 40 PVC. The result is the centerpost always bends  because they have paper-thin 1/16" aluminum walls. 

With a bit of severe weather the centerpost bends from uneven loading due to WIND, SNOW OR ICE.

The hexbeam becomes unbalanced and puts undo stress on the fiberglass spreader arms of one side of the beam which over tensions the arms on the opposite side, these arms then break, resulting in a useless antenna that needs complete replacement.


We have re-engineered the hexbeam to not fail.  We are so confident in our design, that we offer a lifetime guarantee.  No questions asked.   If you pre paint your hexbeam arms for UV protection, the arms should last a lifetime as the centerpost support can withstand a load of 14,000 lbs, assuring you that your arms will stay in place, balanced, with no undo stresses.  You should only have to buy your hexbeam once, and at VHQ HEX we make that possible for our ham radio community.

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