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40 Meter Rotatable Dipole

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I really wanted 40 meters on my tower. I took a look at all the add-on 40 meter antennas for the Hex Beam and knew they would last a matter of weeks. The answer for me seemed to be a rotatable dipole newly offered by VHQ Hex Beam as the

easiest and best performing solution. The rotatable dipole is now up at 80 feet and it has been specially designed not to interfere with the 15m band of the Hex Beam, and it did not affect the SWR of any of the bands on my Hex Beam. It is about 5 feet below the Hex Beam on the same mast.

The performance over my dipole setup is, in a word, astounding. Fantastic DX reports that are almost hard to believe. I would have done this far sooner

had I known how well a rotatable dipole can perform. It far far exceeded my expectations. And if you know how well the VHQ Hex Beam is built, you will find the same quality extends to the rotatable dipole, including all North American aircraft grade commercial aluminum and stainless steel fittings, not the cheap imported aluminum, and fittings that rust and fail. Even the U-bolts are stainless steel ! And best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee like all VHQ products. I might also mention that it is very easy to assemble, as much of the difficult part of assembly is already done for you at the factory, not like others that I looked at that come as a 'kit' . If I can do it, so can you. Finally I have a pile-up buster on 40 meters.

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